Creating, making or building things is a guaranteed way to make you feel happier.

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of passive consumption (surfing the web, watching TV, reading) which is great in moderation, but soul destroying in excess.

The joy of taking time to write something on a regular basis is part of the motivation for making PostOwl. Writing makes us happier.

For me, the act of writing creates the builder’s high. Most pieces are 1000+ words. They involve three to five hours of writing, during which I’ll both hate and love the emerging piece. This is followed by another hour of editing and tweaking before I’ll publish the piece, and the high is always the same. I hit publish and I grin. That smile is my brain chemically reminding me, Hey, you just added something new to the world.

(Michael Lopp)

I’m making PostOwl because I want to write more letters and keep in touch with people in a way that combines the best of email, hand written letters and social networks. I hope that you might like to do this too.

PostOwl is being created by me at the moment. Programming and designing a web application is a tough task – especially on your own! It’s exciting and sometimes overwhelming. I can’t wait to share it with the world when it’s ready. Making something that helps others rejuvenate the art of letter writing sounds like a great opportunity.

Why am I telling you all this? The plan is for PostOwl to be successful. The making part is already underway. This first blog post marks the start of getting the word out:

Do things, tell people
(Carl Lange)

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(Photo Credit: Paul Posadas)