I’m no graphic designer. So when I needed a logo for PostOwl I looked around the web for inspiration.

After a few fruitless searches it was with great serendipity that I landed on Alexandra Fitzgerald’s portfolio page. As part of a college project Alexandra had designed a logo for a fictional postal company called Post Owl. And what a fantastic design it is! Not only do I love the colours and logo, the concept mirrors my ideas for PostOwl wonderfully:

Post Owl Postal Services​
The Creation of a Fictional Postal Service​

Post Owl Postal Services is an alternative mail service which promises fast delivery, quality service and a memorable experience. The slogan “Make it Special” gives consumers a reason to go back to “snail mail” services, such as Post Owl. It reinforces the idea of letter-writing as a personal experience that strengthens the bond between sender and recipient.

So make it special, use Post Owl.

As you can see Alexandra has graciously granted the use of her logo on this site while I launch PostOwl. I’m really thrilled to be able to use it. Thank you!

(Photo credit: Alexandra Fitzgerald)