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PostOwl makes it easy to compose and share beautifully formatted letters.

It combines aspects of hand written letters, email and a private social network. Here’s how it works:

  1. Use our beautiful editor to easily create your letter. Inserting photos has never been so easy. We automatically save a draft so you can come back later when you’re feeling inspired.
  2. Choose who to send to from your contacts. We’ll email, and optionally send a text message, to let them know you’ve sent them a letter. They click a link to view their letter. No login is required for to view it (it’s at a secret address so it’s private between you and the recipient).
  3. There’s space to leave comments at the bottom. If you’ve sent the same letter to several people they can join a conversation together.
  4. It’s easy to see who’s read your letters from the stats in your dashboard. You can set reminders to keep in touch with people – e.g. email Mum every two months, or write to Bob each year on his birthday.
  5. The archive shows you all the letters you’ve ever sent and received with PostOwl.

Can’t I do all this with email?

We built PostOwl because we found it really hard to get email to do what we wanted. Here’s why email just didn’t do the job for us:

– hard to format how you want your letter to look and not easy to put photos withing the text or add captions.
– if you send a letter as Word file by email attachment they can’t always be opened, especially for friends on mobile devices
– not easy to get a discussion going when you send a letter to more than one person (most people don’t know how to ‘reply to all’ in email and the discussion quickly gets messy with lots of emails flying around)
– valuable personal letters get lost amongst thousands of other mundane daily emails
– not easy to see all the letters you’ve sent and received

What about Facebook, Google+ or another social network?

It’s certainly possible to share with a select group of people on social networks. But they don’t make it easy and the certainly don’t make it possible to format a beautiful letter with inline photos.

The biggest drawback is that everyone you share your letter with must have an account with the service you’re using. There are lots of good reasons why people don’t have Facebook or Google accounts, especially after the privacy concerns raised by the Edward Snowden leaks.

PostOwl lets you share via a ‘private link’ so your recipients don’t need to create an account with us to view your letter.

Surely a hand written letter on paper is best?

There’s nothing like getting a beautiful hand written letter in the post. As lovers of letters we encourage you to put pen to paper whenever you can. But we rarely get round to doing this these days.

PostOwl is for when finding the paper, writing out what we want, glueing in photos, finding an envelope and a stamp and then walking to the Post Office is a step too far. We’re also great for when you want to send the same letter to more than one person.

PostOwl gives you the best of email with the best of paper letters.

When would I use PostOwl?

PostOwl is great when you want to:

– send a Christmas letter to friends and family to let them know your family news.
– send a holiday ‘postcard’ to everyone back home
– be reminded to write to someone far away for their birthday
– keep in touch with family and friends by writing to them properly instead a quick email or instant message.

Can PostOwl make my life better?!

OK this might sound a bit over the top but we’ve made PostOwl to encourage us to keep in touch with people we care about. I’ve never been very good at getting in contact with family far away and friends who now live in different countries. Keeping in touch with people makes them happier and makes you healthier and happier!

Sure you can keep in touch with some people through Facebook and other social networks but the quality of the communication is different from writing a carefully crafted letter. If you’re looking for something to motivate you to keep in touch with people more regularly via letters then PostOwl could be for you. Our reminders system lets you set up timely reminders to write to people. Want to write to your parents every 3 months? Would you like to be reminded to write a letter to an old school friend each year on their birthday? PostOwl can help.

How much will it cost? What’s your business model?

We’re not into ads. PostOwl will charge a small annual fee for you to send letters. This will help us cover server costs and notification email and texts.

Free accounts will let you keep an archive of letters sent to you.

Can I print out my letters and export my data?

Sure! We want to give you control of all the things you store with PostOwl so we make it easy to print and export.

Who is behind PostOwl?

PostOwl is a bit different from the usual Silicon Valley startup. We’re based in rural West Cork, Ireland. We don’t have funding from any venture capitalists – PostOwl is a ‘bootstrapped’ application.

Tom Atkins is the founder of PostOwl – you can find out more about me on my photography blog and technical blog.

When will it be ready?

Soon! We’re working flat out to have a first version of PostOwl available for you to try as soon as possible. Let us know your email address here and we’ll make sure you’re one of the first to try PostOwl.

Got more questions?

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